A bleak futuristic world


In a bleak futuristic world, in which the United States of America has split into multiple countries, a small band of civil rights revolutionaries must save their leader from the clutches of an evil government.

Behind the Story / Background info:

The scenes of prison brutality were written to mirror the true accounts coming out of Iran’s infamous Evin prison and the documented modes of torture implemented by the Bush administration at Guantanamo Bay. While the casual reader will not know about this correlation, the modes of torture are sure to make anyone’s skin crawl. To know that these scenes were inspired by real-life crimes against humanity will hopefully open an eye or two about the current state of human rights, or lack thereof, on the planet.

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The new country borders that make up the former United States of America in the story were loosely based on the 2008 US Electoral College Map where Blue denotes states/districts won by Obama/Biden, and Red denotes those won by McCain/Palin.

"I loved how the book took issues of past and present and molded them to fit the future. It is a stark look at what could very well be."

"At its core, Prison Break 2438 is an action drama. There's intrigue, a little romance, plenty of double-agents, and lots and lots of gunplay throughout. In that regard, the story was a blast and loaded with momentum"
-RAZORCAKE #67 April/May 2012