The Zargari Brothers

The Writing Team

The Zargari brothers have countless zines, two photography books, and one art anthology under their collective belts. They've "penned" tons of blog posts, too. And don't forget creative copy for national and regional ad campaigns.

This novel in particular was started in early 2009 when one brother started "chapter one" and emailed it to the other brother to continue the story. This went back and forth until they hit "THE END" on the first draft in December 2009.

In February 2010 the brothers trekked, without kids, family or work, to Oakland and San Francisco to clean up the first draft of their manuscript. A lot of red marker and 92 digital recorder files later they drove back with a broken set of chapters and notes.

By September 2010 the third draft, a more readable coherent version of the story, was completed.

The novel spent all of 2011 in revision and editor heaven and is now out on Think Speak Publishing!

BOOTH #4503 July 2012!

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About the Art:

Cover art was meticulously hand drawn by the amazing Brian Ewing.

Interior art and Chapter Excerpt video art by:
James Mayle, Jennifer Zeller, Dominic Davi, Edwin Vazquez, and Lucy Kenny

Website design:
Craig Williams